Andy Richter Has the Best Comeback to Chelsea Handler’s Fat Joke

If you ever face fat-shaming from Chelsea Handler, take note. Comedians Andy Richter and Chelsea Handler went on “Conan” Tuesday night and participated in some hilarious banter. While Handler made a pretty unoriginal fat… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide for Twenty-Somethings, Wisdom 2.0 Next Generation: Live with Greater Purpose and Meaning

Our current generation, booming with unique energy and thriving challenges, enable us to strive and pursue things beyond arms reach. We are something called the Millennials. Milennials: (noun) a person reaching young adulthood… Continue reading

Russia Deploys Navy to the Baltic Sea over Oil field Dispute with Sweden

  Things are uneasy on the Baltic sea.  The Swedish navy is currently investigating the whereabouts of a Russian submarine that ventured into it’s waters earlier this week. Seen as perverse behavior by… Continue reading

Money Is Love and Other Lying Love Myths

As our dating culture changes so do our expectations. In fact, I don’t even know what to expect anymore, but I am thrilled when a guy pays for the first date. The prospects… Continue reading

Woman’s Body Discovered in Groveport OHIO, Boyfriend Confesses to Murder

  Columbus Police are declaring that they have found the body of 22-year old Samatha Greenlee after a search conducted along a wooded area of Bixby Rd. in Groveport. An expectant mother, Greenlee… Continue reading

Ottawa Terrorist Shooting at the Canadian Parliament House

Shots were fired inside the Parliament House this morning and a solider has been wounded after being shot in front of the war memorial a short distance from Parliament Hill. The Prime Minister… Continue reading

Dillon Cooper’s Much Needed Hip-Hop Sound

Brooklyn’s Dillon Cooper dropped his X:XX mixtape this week and it is really refreshing when you compare it to what else is out at the moment. “Charge it to the Game” has the… Continue reading

Should You Try Toys in the Bedroom?

You don’t have to wait for your love life to go stale before you introduce something new into the bedroom. If it’ll make intercourse more pleasurable, then there’s no reason to wait. Some… Continue reading

Review: The Game- Blood Moon: Year of The Wolf

    West coast MC the Game gives us his much talked about album Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf this week. His 6th project, Year of the Wolf is a follow up… Continue reading

Philadelphia Rapper Meek Mill drops new Music from behind Bars

Even jail can’t stop Meek Mill’s hustle. Last night the MMG rapper dropped “Fuck You Mean” featuring Lil’ Boosie, a hard hitting track meant for the streets. A confirmed track off his upcoming… Continue reading

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