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Alexander Wang X H&M : Here’s Everything You Need to Know

  On October 16, the Alexander Wang x H&M collection debuted in New York City’s Armory in Washington Heights. The celebrity embossed event exhibited a racetrack inspired runway to show off active wear… Continue reading

Dressing Up For Your Career

Style is a personal choice.  You don’t have to please anyone with your preferences and as long as you are comfortable, that really should be the end of any discussion.  Unfortunately, going from… Continue reading

5 Ways to Wear Plaid This Fall

Plaid is all the rage this season!!! From Jessica Simpson to Kim Kardashian, celebrities are going mad for plaid and you should be as well. It’s easy to wear plaid but you have… Continue reading

Look of the Day: Fall Must Haves

It’s Legging and Bill Cosby sweater season!!! Pull out your cutest tortoise reading glasses and best sock hats! Let’s get this goin’. Bottoms- Oh my God, do I love earth tones or what?… Continue reading

Fall Must Haves: Look of the Week

Fall excitement for me continues, pulling out all of my favorite Fall clothes feels like shopping! It’s been a year- and the lucky thing about Fall is a good flannel is timeless, like… Continue reading

Fall Must Haves: Watches, Shoes, Jackets, & More

Aside from a spectacular watch, there are a few essentials necessary this fall. This particular outfit breakdown can be done a few ways, I’m fortunate enough personally to creep hard on instagram, and… Continue reading

Decoding the Female Aesthetic

Decoding the Female Aesthetic Gentlemen— Let me spare you years of failure by telling you now that you’re never going to understand the inner-workings of the female psyche. You can read “The Female… Continue reading

Step Up Your Style: Absolute Must Haves for Fall

Fall is upon us again and as you are looking through your wardrobe you may notice that while you have a lot of clothes but you may not have the essentials for the… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to New York Fashion Week

So New York City Fashion Week is upon us once again and I smiling like the Cheshire Cat right now. NYFW takes place from September 4thto the 11th and during that week the… Continue reading

The Truth Behind the Maxxinista: Shopping on a Budget Made Chic

  As a tomboy I never thought that I would grow up to love shopping; so it’s weird that I get so excited every time I shop. Ironically I love to shop for… Continue reading

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