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The Perfect First Date

Everyone has their own variations of places to go and things to do during a first date. We all know the general goal of a first date is to get to know each… Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Getting Turned Down

You end up sitting next to a hottie on the bus (the only possible benefit of public transit), so you take a chance and ask him for his number. When he turns you… Continue reading

Top 10 Relationship Killers

For most people the easiest part of a relationship is the beginning. The excitement of getting to know someone and spending an abundant amount of time with them is a very fulfilling feeling.… Continue reading

Don’t be Anyone’s Doormat

All of us really care about our friends, family members & significant others. That’s a given. Every single person has a select group of people that we’d happily go out of our way… Continue reading

The Beauty of Taking Things Slow

It’s late when I reach her apartment. She buzzes me in and the noise sounds like what you hear at a basketball game—the scorer’s table announcing a substitution. Zurita, you’re in, my imaginary dating… Continue reading

An Open Thank-You Letter to my Ex

I found out you were cheating on me an hour before I had to be at work. That’s the first thing I would like to thank you for. You helped me learn how… Continue reading

Does “I Love You” Mean Anything in the Bedroom?

“I love you” should be loaded with meaning, but when someone moans it into your ear, you can’t trust the words. Sex alters areas of our brain, making us spit out certain things… Continue reading

Why A Nice Guy Won’t Make the First Move

Ladies: Don’t feel discouraged when the bearded, tattooed lumberjack pushing his thick-lensed glasses up the bridge of his nose doesn’t walk across the bar to introduce himself to you, the girl who has… Continue reading

How Big of an Age Difference Causes A Problem?

You’ve always dreamt about marrying George Clooney, but now that he’s off the market, you decided to settle for his doppelganger you found at the supermarket. He may be twice your age, but… Continue reading

There’s Nothing Sexier than Confidence

Confidence on its surface seems like one of the simplest things to notice, acknowledge and appreciate. However, it’s a quality that we all take for granted on a regular basis until someone with… Continue reading

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