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NATO Jets Catch Russian Spy Plane Over the Baltic

The Baltic region has seen a lot of geopolitical action lately. With the downed Russian submarine still in the area, Danish jet fighters exercising for NATO have announced today that they intercepted a… Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of America’s Kobani Airdrop Strategy

Daily Sabah has reported that the US’s strategy of reinforcing besieged Kurdish forces combating ISIS in Syria may pose unanticipated risks, according to a number of experts.  Said experts have pointed out that… Continue reading

Bruce MacKinnon, Editorial Cartoonist Publishes Tribute to Murdered Soldier in Canada’s Chronicle Herald

  On Thursday, Canada’s Chronicle Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia, published a political cartoon (seen above) that’s being widely praised as “powerful” across the United States and Canada. The cartoon, the work of Bruce MacKinnon,… Continue reading

Man Apprehended After Jumping White House Fence in Latest Security Breach

Yet again, someone has jumped the White House fence in an attempt to breach the grounds. The breach happened on the north lawn of the White House, according to Fox. The man scaled… Continue reading

Russia Deploys Navy to the Baltic Sea over Oil field Dispute with Sweden

  Things are uneasy on the Baltic sea.  The Swedish navy is currently investigating the whereabouts of a Russian submarine that ventured into it’s waters earlier this week. Seen as perverse behavior by… Continue reading

Missouri State Senator Arrested During Ferguson Protests

Oct 20 (Reuters) – A Missouri state senator was arrested on Monday night outside the police department of the embroiled city of Ferguson, authorities said, in another night of protests following the fatal… Continue reading

Joe Biden’s Son, Hunter, Was Kicked Out of the Navy After Failing Cocaine Test

Hunter Biden may not be living up to his fathers standards. According to USA Today, Hunter Biden, the son of the vice president, Joe Biden was discharged from the Navy Reserve this year after… Continue reading

What You Can Expect with the Midterm Elections

With the midterm elections just a few weeks away, poll after poll has shown that the Republicans are essentially guaranteed to win back the Senate from the Democrats. While I personally would prefer… Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Set to Reveal Her 2016 Plans to Run for the Presidential Election

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hasn’t yet announced any plans for the 2016 election, but the New York Times reports she may weigh in on a potential presidential run sooner than later. We all… Continue reading

He’s Back: Kim Jong-Un Makes First Public Appearance in 40 Days

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has officially made his first public appearance in 40 days, somewhat ending rumors that his reign has come to an end.   The appearance, posted on the Korean Central… Continue reading

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