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NATO Jets Catch Russian Spy Plane Over the Baltic

The Baltic region has seen a lot of geopolitical action lately. With the downed Russian submarine still in the area, Danish jet fighters exercising for NATO have announced today that they intercepted a… Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of America’s Kobani Airdrop Strategy

Daily Sabah has reported that the US’s strategy of reinforcing besieged Kurdish forces combating ISIS in Syria may pose unanticipated risks, according to a number of experts.  Said experts have pointed out that… Continue reading

Russia Deploys Navy to the Baltic Sea over Oil field Dispute with Sweden

  Things are uneasy on the Baltic sea.  The Swedish navy is currently investigating the whereabouts of a Russian submarine that ventured into it’s waters earlier this week. Seen as perverse behavior by… Continue reading

Banksy’s Arrest in London Proves to be Hoax

  Let’s all calm down. Nobody has caught Banksy, nor has his actually name (or face) been revealed. Satire news website National Report made headlines this morning when they reported that graffiti artist Banksy had been arrested in… Continue reading

Rising Death Toll In Himalayan Avalanches

The massive avalanche that rocked the Himalayas this past Wednesday has officially taken 32 lives. Another 65 hikers are also still believed to be missing along the popular Annapurna trail, where the avalanche… Continue reading

U.N. Worker Dies of Ebola in German Hospital

Ebola has just claimed another victim. USA Today reports, a United Nations employee receiving treatment in Germany for Ebola has died from the disease, a hospital in Leipzig said Tuesday. The patient, whose… Continue reading

Putin Orders Troops to Move Away From Ukraine Border

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered thousands of troops stationed near the Ukrainian border to return to their bases. A Putin spokesman said about 17,600 soldiers would be pulled back. This order comes… Continue reading

Ebola: The Next Major Global Health Crisis

According to the BBC, US medical official Thomas Frieden has said that the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is unlike anything since the emergence of HIV/AIDS at a World Bank forum regarding… Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About What’s Going on in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a situation unfolding that is not necessarily an accurate read for the political climate and social perception of the Communist party in mainland China. Having studied abroad in Shanghai at… Continue reading

Spanish Nurse Is First Person to Contract Ebola Outside of Africa

According to NBC News, a nurse in Spain has become the first person to contract Ebola outside of West Africa. The nurse treated a priest in Madrid, last month, who later died of Ebola… Continue reading

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