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Classes Canceled Thursday After School Receives Social Media Threat at State University of New York at Canton

Because of two threats posted through social media, SUNY Canton students are being guided off campus. SUNY Canton campus police have taken things over, directing students away from school buildings and back to… Continue reading

NATO Jets Catch Russian Spy Plane Over the Baltic

The Baltic region has seen a lot of geopolitical action lately. With the downed Russian submarine still in the area, Danish jet fighters exercising for NATO have announced today that they intercepted a… Continue reading

Police Find 6 Dead Babies inside U-Haul Storage Locker, Winnipeg

Winnipeg is appalled by the discovery of 6 dead babies inside a storage locker yesterday. Quite a grotesque scene, police have charged a 40-year old woman on six counts of concealing the body… Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of America’s Kobani Airdrop Strategy

Daily Sabah has reported that the US’s strategy of reinforcing besieged Kurdish forces combating ISIS in Syria may pose unanticipated risks, according to a number of experts.  Said experts have pointed out that… Continue reading

Michael Brown Autopsy Revealed

The conversation surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown and the subsequent protests in Ferguson, MI continues as the autopsy for the teenager has just been released. After Brown’s autopsy was completed, the St.… Continue reading

Bruce MacKinnon, Editorial Cartoonist Publishes Tribute to Murdered Soldier in Canada’s Chronicle Herald

  On Thursday, Canada’s Chronicle Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia, published a political cartoon (seen above) that’s being widely praised as “powerful” across the United States and Canada. The cartoon, the work of Bruce MacKinnon,… Continue reading

3,100 Students Involved in Academic Fraud in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  by Aaron Beard CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — A scandal involving bogus classes and inflated grades at the University of North Carolina was bigger than previously reported, encompassing about 1,500 athletes who got… Continue reading

Stolen Street Art by Bambi, ‘the Female Banksy’ Sought by Police

There’s another epic street artist coming out of London, and this time, it’s a woman! Police in north London are asking for help to trace stolen artwork by an artist dubbed “the female Banksy”.… Continue reading

Fox’s Guilfoyle to Young Women: Don’t Vote, ‘Go Back on Tinder’ [VIDEO]

Yeah, so this actually happened. Tuesday on The Five a discussion about the Democrats’ “War on Women” strategy possibly backfiring led to a rant by co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who she said should be “excused” from their… Continue reading

Man Apprehended After Jumping White House Fence in Latest Security Breach

Yet again, someone has jumped the White House fence in an attempt to breach the grounds. The breach happened on the north lawn of the White House, according to Fox. The man scaled… Continue reading

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