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5-Second Movie Summaries with Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Two comedic wizards try to summarize movies in five seconds or less. Obviously it’s hilarious. However, it’s educational as well. Kind of. Educational in the sense that if you ever need to bullshit… Continue reading

This Guy Runs Around New York City High-Fiving People Who Are Hailing Cabs and It’s Epic [VIDEO]

  This dude is just try to lift everyone’s spirits. It’s kind of working. Would you mind is some nice guy high-fived you while you were hailing a cab? In all fairness, we… Continue reading

Adorable Little Girl Freaks Out When Her Dad Shaves His Beard [VIDEO]

The level of cutest all over this video is just unbelievable. A little girl plays peekaboo with her dad and seems to absolutely love it. However, at one point her dad asks her… Continue reading

‘Apparently’ Kid is Sick of the Word ‘Apparently’

Noah Ritter, the 5-year-old internet sensation ‘Apparently’ kid has apparently managed to win the heart of Ellen Degeneres as well as the rest of the nation. After he charmed his way into our… Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel Releases Newest Edition of ‘Lie Witness News’: Fashion Week 2014 Edition [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel, being the comedian genius that he is, has the tendency to make the funniest hit-the-street videos we’ve ever seen. Kimmel is known for producing the hilarious series “Lie Witness News.” Essentially what… Continue reading

Ellen Degeneres Dancing to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Will Make Your Life Complete

  Nothing needs to be said. Just watch the video:

Jimmy Fallon Playing Family Feud with Steve Harvey and Jason Segel is Everything [VIDEO]

Anyone who’s a fan of Steve Harvey and Jimmy Fallon already knows these two are hilarious. Something magical happened on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Show. The comedic host had Steve Harvey AND Jason… Continue reading

Hilarious Banned Commercial From New Zealand: Deck (D*ck) Maintenance [VIDEO}

  Is it hard taking care of your deck? Do you have trouble washing your deck? Watch this video for the best deck maintenance tips, accent included.

Awesome Dad Pranks His Kid in the Best Way Possible [VIDEO]

As we’ve mentioned time and time again, dads have a certain way with their children. While mothers are typically nurturing, caring, and worrisome creatures, dads are probably the complete opposite. They like to… Continue reading

Little Girl Has a Nervous Breakdown When She Found Out Hello Kitty Isn’t a Cat [VIDEO]

  Didn’t we all? When this little girl found out that Hello Kitty isn’t actually a kitty, she had a bit of mixed feelings about it. She also raised some fair questions. Why… Continue reading

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