The Difference Between Banging and Making Love

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You make the same movements and moans no matter how you feel about the other person, so why is making love all that different from raw, animalistic penetration? Well, it’s more of a spiritual trip than a physical one, so sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the two. If you’re confused about where you stand with your bedroom partner, here are a few key clues that you’re in the midst of lovemaking:


  1. Eye Contact

Meeting each other’s gaze is an intimate act. It shows that you’re only thinking about the person beneath you, and not fantasizing about your favorite celebrity’s leaked pictures. If you’re lovingly looking into each other’s eyes while thrusting, there’s a 99.9% chance that you’re making love. Otherwise, you’d be looking a little lower.


  1. Your Thoughts

Are you only thinking about how hot your partner looks, or are you thinking about how excited you are to introduce them to your family and celebrate the holidays together? If your thoughts reach beyond the sexual variety, you’re not just banging.


  1. Type of Pleasure

Are you strictly getting sexual fulfillment, or are you getting emotional fulfillment as well? If your heart is as happy as your genitals, then you share a strong connection with the person. Not every round of intercourse has to be full of romance, so as long as you’re genuinely happy over the occasion, it should be considered lovemaking.


  1. More Sensual

If you’re just banging, you don’t want to stop for anything, unless you’re in desperate need of a drink of water. When you’re making love, you’ll take the time to slow down and look into each other’s eyes. You’ll hold hands and share tender kisses. You’ll want to make the moment last, so you’ll try your best to make each other feel special.


  1. Unselfish

When you’re banging, an orgasm is the end goal. As soon as it happens, you’re satisfied with the world and all who inhabit it. You’re so relaxed that you don’t stop to think about whether your partner got what they needed out of the exercise. If you’re nice, you’ll find a way to pleasure them, but it’s not at the top of your to-do list. But when you’re making love, you actually consider your partner’s needs. Their happiness is just as important as yours is, so you go all out.


  1. Take Your Time

When you just want to bang someone, you’ll rip their clothes off as fast as your hands will let you. All you want to do is touch and squeeze them, and nothing will stop you except for premature ejaculation. When you’re making love, you don’t mind taking your time. You want to hold onto the person for as long as you can, so you don’t mind wasting the whole night kissing them.

You can sleep with the same person for your entire life and alternate between banging them and making sweet, sweet love. It’s all in your mind, so it is what you make it.

Holly Riordan | News Cult