Police Find 6 Dead Babies inside U-Haul Storage Locker, Winnipeg


Winnipeg is appalled by the discovery of 6 dead babies inside a storage locker yesterday. Quite a grotesque scene, police have charged a 40-year old woman on six counts of concealing the body of a child as she owns the storage unit and did not alert authorities. Thankfully, U-Haul employees found the remains as they did their round cleaning, so the long path towards righting these injustices is en route.

The woman in question is named Andrea Giesbrecht. U-haul was at first concerned when Giesbrecht failed to make her rental payments on the unit. Apprehended at her home in the neighborhood of Maples Monday afternoon, Giesbrecht was unable to provide a reason for the contents of her locker. The bodies looked to have been decomposing for some time. Giesbrecht’s past with the law has come into consideration too as she will also be charged for violating her probation on two fraud convictions that originate from 2012.

Giesbrecht’s lawyer Greg Brodsky will head to court with this client Thursday to schedule a day for bail hearing. Brodsky is determined to prove Giesbrecht’s influence. In the meantime, autopsies have been ordered for all of the deceased infants.

Christian Westermann | News Cult