NBC Plays With Magic: ‘Bewitched’ TV Show Refreshed For 2015

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So this is happening…after rumors of a reboot of the 1964 classic Bewitched surfaced, a debated raged online with fans, bloggers and critics freaking out in one fashion or another. Some fans are excited, but worried about the show getting good treatment after the travesty,that was the 2005 Bewitched feature film, with Nicole Kidman as original witch Samantha. Others, pop culture bloggers and television critics of a certain era are  slightly offended and highly doubtful of the chances of success of a re-telling, reboot or reemergence of any kind.
Deadline and other media outlets are reporting that the Bewitched property was at the center of a bidding war between NBC and ABC….NBC pulled a hat trick move a the last minute and won the bid.
This is not a remake, but a continuation of the Bewitched original witch, Samantha’s character’s bloodline.Samantha Stevens had a daughter Tabitha, and Tabitha now has a daughter, named Daphne.
In the present time frame…..20-ish Daphne is aware of her witchy powers and makes use of them for her own gain.
Hmmm, that is quite different than past magic based television shows; usually personal use of supernatural gifts is frowned upon and reserved for an arch-villain or some other baddie; to show some sort of moral balance.  As a skilled witch, Daphne uses her powers, to fashion the perfect life in all ways but one….Daphne’s magic can’t get her what she craves….real love.
The pilot if picked up (we should know by May) will air as part of the Fall 2015 season.
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