NATO Jets Catch Russian Spy Plane Over the Baltic


The Baltic region has seen a lot of geopolitical action lately. With the downed Russian submarine still in the area, Danish jet fighters exercising for NATO have announced today that they intercepted a supposed spy plane of Russian make. It appears that nothing is keeping Russia in check, as things have just gotten more problematic for the security of Northern Europe because of them.

A meddling Ilyushin-20 model was quickly chased out by the Danish pilots when it did not respond to calls to turn back. Although the rogue jet was surveying the area for just a few minutes, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Russia entered Estonian airspace against international flight law. Russia has countered these allegations of spying, by declaring that the plane was on a training mission. Taking off from an air base in Kalingrad, Danish fighters involved themselves when they saw the plane headed to Denmark.

Members of the NATO military alliance have had to put up with numerous encroachments by Russia in 2014. Just last month Estonia demanded an answer from Russia for taking one of it’s armed border guards hostage. Russia’s plans for the region are mysterious to say the least.

[via BBC]

Christian Westermann | News Cult