Free Flu Shots Today at Your House by Requesting an Uber Health Car

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For today only in Washington DC, Boston and NYC people can request a house call by a health care professional to administer a free flu shot via their Uber app.

With flu season just around the corner now is the perfect time to get yourself vaccinated and what better way than from the comfort of your home, and for free!!

The service started at 10am today and will now run until 4pm EST (because of the high demand in NYC, other areas will run until 3pm EST).

I myself am one of the lucky people to have experienced the service and have to say am very pleased with it.

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You and 9 of your friends can receive a shot at no expense and for every shot given Uber will donate $5 to the Red Cross to support vaccination efforts for children.

The experience was very smooth and administered by a qualified doctor, so I felt very assured of the persons qualifications in sticking me with the needle (I am most certainly not a needle person hand me a; snake, rat or cockroach, I won’t flinch – watch me cower and cover my hands at the sight of a syringe).

It was over in a flash and with a wave, a smile, the driver and doctor kindly said good bye and even left me a prevention pack full of goodies.

So what are you waiting for, start Ubering!

[via Uber]

Jamie Kennedy | News Cult