Classes Canceled Thursday After School Receives Social Media Threat at State University of New York at Canton


Because of two threats posted through social media, SUNY Canton students are being guided off campus. SUNY Canton campus police have taken things over, directing students away from school buildings and back to their residence halls or to wherever they may have parked their cars if commuting.

One student from Alexandria Bay Nick Speach said “I’m very concerned, especially with all the other school shootings that have gone on. I really think it should be taken seriously,” about the scare. Given America’s dealings with violence at schools, nothing of this sort should ever be brushed off.

The threats caught attention when they were voiced by an anonymous user on the social networking site Yik Yak, shortly after a campus lock down was put in place. Just after was the second threat published. Students were advised to stay indoors and lock their rooms.

SUNY Canton issued this statement to it’s student body to help solve any confusion on the change in standards “Out of an abundance of caution, University Police will escort people from buildings, one building at a time. People will be escorted to their residence hall or to the relevant parking lot.”

As for the content of these two threats that caused the alarm, the anonymous poster declared that he/she would kill as many students as possible and then commit suicide. No word yet on when normal class scheduling will resume.

[via WKTV]

Christian Westermann | News Cult