‘Arrow Recap’: Season 3 Episode 3 ‘Corto Maltese’

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Oliver vacations to Corto Maltese in an attempt to bring Thea home. After her mother’s murder Thea swore to never return to Starling City and its nest of lies. She was accompanied by her very much alive biological father, Malcolm Merlin. While Oliver and Roy persuade Thea with apologies, Diggle is to seek an ARGUS agent fallen off the grid.

Back in Starling City Laurel is having issues coping with Sara’s death. After badgering a boxing coach about a suspect’s whereabouts, she attends an AA meeting. She finds a domestic abuse victim and takes it upon herself to handle the problem. Masked Laurel attacks the perpetrator, only to wind up severely injured. Her father forbids her to ever do anything like that again.

Meanwhile Felicity is reaping awards as Ray Palmer’s assistant. A new office and assistant break the ice between them. Yet there is something Palmer still hides.

Oliver finds Thea who isn’t ready to return to Starling. Still shaken by his secrets, Thea has been keeping some hreself. The past five months Thea has been channeling her pain through her father’s training, just as Malcolm had when his wife died.

John finds ARGUS agent Shaw attempting to intercept a purchase of personnel information. Shaw tricks Digg revealing he’s selling the information for amnesty from ARGUS. He’s ultimately stopped but not before he warns John of Amanda and the ARGUS mission.

After much contemplation Thea tells her father she’s ready to return home. A battle of swords proves she is ready, and he tells her he will see her soon. Once back in Starling City, Laurel at wit’s end asks Oliver to train her like Sara. She can’t rid of a certain fire inside. He denies her any training, knowing Sara wouldn’t approve. Laurel seeks help elsewhere the boxer.

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