‘American Horror Story’: Edward Mordrake Part 1 Recap

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Episode three introduces two new characters to the fold as All Hallow’s Eve dawns upon Jupiter, Florida. It’s forbidden for freaks to work on Halloween due to the legend of Edward Mordrake, a freak whose demise haunts peers for generations.

The two strangers are a con team looking to bank on pricey abnormalities. What better place than a freak circus. The Philadelphians drive south and arrive at Elsa’s camp. One, Esmerelda, is a fortune teller who promises Elsa a comeback with the help of a mysterious man.

Elsewhere Ethel receives news she has less than a year to live. Confiding in Dale only, she begs him to look after Jimmy. While he wasn’t a good father then, he could make up for it now. But Jimmy is to never know Dale is his father.

In town Dandy prepares to trick-or-treat. Despising his Howdy Doody costume, he opts for his own killer clown apparel. He threatens Dora the maid, but she catches his bluff. Meanwhile the culprit behind the murders pawns another victim, the bullying brother of a young girl. Is Twisty a twisted anti-hero completely misunderstood?

Esmerelda has second thoughts of the con when murder enters the plan. She and her accomplice are to kill a freak for the museum’s bounty. Jimmy is smitten but envious Dot smells a rat. Dot’s jealousy grows with her budding ego seeking a new salary as well as eventual freedom from Bette. The battle lines are drawn between Elsa and Dot who doesn’t share the spotlight.

Elsa’s rehearsal performance summons the spirit of Edward Mordrake whose curse details killing a freak. He appears to Ethel first. She retells her early days meeting Dale and the pain of using Jimmy’s birth as an attraction. With empathy Mordrake spares her life.

Lorin Williams | News Cult