10 Ways to Curb Writers Block

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With a blank page and a lingering deadline, writers block can be discouraging and stressful when absolutely nothing, NOTHING comes to mind for a specific project story or write up. (bummer)

Here are 10 ways to shake it off a bit and get the ball rollin’:

Take a walk/Run– A brisk walk around the block or a mile or two can get your brain jogging. Sometimes time alone in your own head can spring about many ideas. If your problem is too much thinking this can also help relax you.

Schedule your project– If working on a deadline, try scheduling time every day until the due date where you can sit and simply work on that project. Even if you’re staring at a blank page, with a title, it is progress. Put all electronics away, and isolate yourself from disruptions.

Free Write– One of my personal favorites and most helpful to get the ball rolling. This is a well-known technic to get you in the groove. Think of this as pure word vomit, yet on paper. Whether you like the old fashion pen and paper or briskly typing away, try jotting down everything and anything that comes to mind, off topic or on topic. Give yourself 5-10 minutes, and just go nuts!

Outline your free write– You got it all out on paper. (Even that disgusting lunch that didn’t sit so well with you, yikes!) Make a list of useful points. For example, if you’re writing a short story and your character is having some sort of breakthrough , you wrote “man that lunch ruined my day” this made you feel angry upset etc… start a list of emotions and characteristics your character may have, Main character feels, vulnerable angry, passionate about…etc etc

More times than others, the free write will not reflect anything pertaining to the task at hand, but will definitely clear your mind from all havoc and give you room to focus.

Read. Read.- The number one rule, and should probably be one of the only rules for writers, (along with writing every single day) is to read until your eyes want to literally fall out of your head. Read your favorite book over, or something you never ever believed you will ever read. Read a colleagues work or some of your old stuff. Word play and different styles of writing are something that us writers crave to indulge in. It is an awesome way to pick up ideas and cultivate your own.

Start at the end– Usually the big bad evil project, is big bad and evil because you don’t even know how you’ll start. Beginnings can be awkward , conversations, speeches etc. The glory is that this isn’t a conversation or a speech! Start from where you know, from where you’ve been itching to develop. Hell, start with the exact topic, where the story becomes juicy, with the reason why you wanted to write this certain piece to begin with.

Inspiration is Everywhere – Everywhere you go, everyone you talk to, signs, store fronts, that playlist you listened to while walking to work, all can stimulate some good old inspiration. Jot down bits and pieces of this inspiration in your notes, which will be a great tool to always go back too. Watching movies can help, visuals can help create inspiration.

Change your scenery– We all have a go to place to sit and work. Why not try the new coffee shop in your neighborhood? If you love the outdoors (and it’s not to cold out) try sitting at the park, your bathroom, the hot tub, anywhere unusual.

If writing about a particular character, What type of person is he/she? What are places they would like?

Organize your working space– Alright time to get to work and all your stuff is everywhere. An organize workplace will illuminate anxiety, and uneasiness. Put out anything you will need (beverage, laptop) and put everything else away. (your phone is evil during this time, put it away!)

Talk to your Homies– Creatives roll with other creatives (usually) so talk about your topic with your friends. If you have friends who are artist or musicians, attend their shows or shadow in on their creative process. Knowing another person’s struggle can be insightful not to mention relieve some pressure of yourself.

It’s no big deal, just write!

Maria Burgos | News Cult