Why The City Is The Best Place To Be A Sports Fan

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Football season is in full swing, and hockey and basketball are not too far behind. It’s this time of the year that the city seems to go crazy; everyone turns into a crowd of painted faces, jerseys, and yelling. There’s no doubt it’s infectious and coming from someone who works at a sports bar, the excitement and energy can really get you pumped up even when you’re not even sure who it is that’s playing what game. I’ve lived in a few different locations and I can honestly say that the sports community in the city is the best and most fun I have experienced. I never really was a fan of watching sports or talking about sports before, but after a little over a year living down here, I’m starting to whistle a different tune.

One of the main reasons it is so fun is that it really is like a little society of people. There is such camaraderie between people who are rooting for the same team, or even simply just watching the same game. I’ve seen people who had never spoken before become best friends by the end of a game. It’s really nice to see, and it’s even nicer to be a part of, which doesn’t seem to be too difficult. I admittedly don’t know much about sports, but I have been trying to learn and it seems as if everyone is more than happy to help me. Instead of shunning me because I don’t know anything about the game or the teams, people have been really excited to teach me and get me involved. You don’t have to worry about knowing enough or not knowing anything, because the fellowship of sports fans will be more than happy to welcome you in anyways.

It also helps that New York City offers so many great bars, especially sports bars, where people can go to watch all of the games they want to. A lot of these bars will turn the sound on the games full volume so everyone gets the full effect. There are usually some sort of drink specials and food specials, as well, so this certainly doesn’t hurt. There are huge bars with huge TVs so everyone can get rowdy and enjoy the game at the highest level of intensity. There are also smaller bars, with less people, for those who want to sit at the bar and watch the game with a little more peace and quiet. It makes the experience so much better and more fun having such an enormous amount of places to go at your fingertips.

The city is also home to Madison Square Garden, where both the Rangers and the Knicks play their home games. Not only does that mean it’s close by if you actually want to go see a live game, but that whole street (West 33rd) becomes sports central in the hours before and after the game. It’s hard to not feel excited just being around there during that time. There are plenty of spots to go on that street to check out the games if you can’t make it to the Garden, and then you get to celebrate with everyone who was there afterwards.

Finally, a huge reason it’s so fun to be a sports fan here is the spirit. Just seeing how everyone comes together, even it is because of “just a game”, can make anyone’s heart warm up. Seeing people build friendships (hey, sometimes even relationships) from a shared love of celebrating sports will help restore your faith in humanity. I’m learning that being a sports fan isn’t just a pastime, it’s a way of life and man, is it fun.

Kaitlyn Seabury | News Cult