The Ultimate Guide for Twenty-Somethings, Wisdom 2.0 Next Generation: Live with Greater Purpose and Meaning

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Our current generation, booming with unique energy and thriving challenges, enable us to strive and pursue things beyond arms reach. We are something called the Millennials. Milennials: (noun) a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.

Today, there is a wide range of global issues affecting just about everything. However, those arriving at young adulthood are probably the most aware in the current events of the world, yet we still happen to be the most aspiring, ambitious individuals that exist today.

On October 13th, I attended Wisdom 2.0 Next Generation: Live with Greater Purpose and Meaning, founded by Soren Gordhamer, a movement geared to the the Millennials of today. Guest speakers such as Jessica Kane- Huffington posts Director of Millennials Outreach, Elle Luna, Artist and Designer, Miki Agrawal-Serial Social Entrepreneur, Adam Smiley- Author of The Quarter life Breakthrough and many more, shared their experiences as young adults, dedicating their careers to meaning and purpose.

Surrounded by the age of free thinking, the free spirited, and believers, we often times don’t get to hear or engage with those who actually took a leap forward and found success that best matched their true purpose in life. Individuals like us, who followed an inkling that suggested “Something isn’t right and we must change it to impact the world around us” -via Wisdom 2.0

Many of us today, deal with the responsibilities of our day to day life, while a little voice taunts us with unsettling questions of “what ifs” and “am i really doing what I want to do?”

As each speaker took the stage , they unraveled their journey to where they are today, recounting the failures and questions they often asked themselves. Vigorously taking notes, many concepts resonated with me, finally giving me a sense of relief to the never ending thoughts of panic due to my own, current quarter life breakthrough.

A true sense of belief was instilled in me as I watched creative individuals express their ideas and triumphs as entrepreneurs.

Adam Smiley, author of The Quarter Life Breakthrough had a concept called Hustle with Intention, constructing a list called the Quarter life Hustle:

Work while planning your next leap or venture (don’t quit your job overnight)

  1. Seek apprenticeships or entry level experience
  2. Learn a new skill
  3. New venture
  4. Work abroad and learn a new language
  5. Volunteer
  6. Go to grad school (if this is your intention)
  7. Fellowships

One of my Favorites, Jessica Kane provided us with a refreshing to do list to add mindfulness and well being in our daily routine:

  1. Finish things on to do list
  2. Experience wonder
  3. Remove any poison
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Practice mindfulness
  6. Partake in Digital Detox
  7. Meditate
  8. Give
  9. Learn to say NO
  10. Take Personal time

Although, these are many things we know, receiving a refresher from many of our leaders today was definitely motivating and crucial advice.

Each speaker invited us into their worlds, their personal failures and obstacles, daring each of us to go about our day asking ourselves mind blowing questions like “ What keeps me from being free?”

Elle Luna, moved us with her encounter with a reoccurring dream of a white room, encouraged us to take ownership of the crossroads of Our Shoulds vs. Our Musts.

To discover the two, she introduced us to a few exercises and questions to reveal our inner callings:

  1. Call Your Mom (ask about childhood stories and habits)
  2. Write your own Obituaries (envision what your current life would be life vs. the one you actually want)
  3. Find Solitude (allow yourself to listen to your inner self)

As I left the conference, I finally realized people of success are people just like me; hungry to change the world, thriving to succeed and creating a voice to be heard through our ever growing community of entrepreneurs and young leaders.

It’s not only about quitting your job and travel the world on an Eat, Pray, Love quest but to purposely navigate with intention towards a bigger meaning , an immense fulfillment to reach happiness, and utter success, that’s best defined by our true selves.

Maria Burgos | News Cult