Should You Try Toys in the Bedroom?

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You don’t have to wait for your love life to go stale before you introduce something new into the bedroom. If it’ll make intercourse more pleasurable, then there’s no reason to wait. Some sex toys can be highly priced, but they’re well worth it, because they’ll benefit both you and your partner. Here are some signs that you should give them a shot:

  1. If You’re Bored

Toys are designed to spice things up and insure that your pleasure is enhanced. If you’ve become bored with the way your partner touches you, toys create the opportunity for brand new experiences. He can either watch you use them on yourself to learn what makes you tick, or he can use the toy on you and please you in ways he never has before.

  1. If You’re Adventurous

Some sex toys are relatively tame, but others can get pretty kinky. If you’re the adventurous type, then there are toys you can wear out to dinner and have your partner control with a simple remote. No one will realize what you’re doing, but you’ll get to experience some things you’ve never been able to feel in public before.

  1. If You Want to Feel Something New

As talented as your partner is in the art of lovemaking, it’s impossible for him to do the things that some toys can do. Deciding to add them to the bedroom doesn’t mean that you’re sick of the way he touches you. It just means that you want to feel new sensations, and he’ll be right there with you as you do so. Your body is capable of feeling things you’d never imagine until you actually feel them, so don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity.

  1. If You Want Variety

You can’t force your partner to touch your body in a particular way, but you can buy toys that are capable of creating whatever sensation you’re interested in feeling. You can choose whether they’re big or small. You can choose whether or not they vibrate. You can choose whatever will cause you the most pleasure, so don’t doubt that money can buy you happiness.

  1. If You Want Satisfaction

Your partner will try their best to get you to orgasm, but if you tire them out, you shouldn’t go to sleep without being fulfilled. Finish yourself off with one of your new toys. It’ll give your partner a break, but still give you the pleasure you deserve. Plus, it should push him to get the job done next time. He won’t want a machine treating his woman better than he does.

  1. If You Want to Bond

Remember how exciting it was when you first started having sex? It was all you ever wanted to do. That thrill will return after you try something new, like toys. No one wants to be stuck doing the same old thing every night, so the introduction of a new element will get your blood pumping.

Sex is a natural act, so don’t feel shy about buying toys. You don’t even have to purchase them in person. That’s the beauty of online shopping. Just make sure you retrieve the package on your porch before your little sister or daughter does.

Holly Riordan | News Cult