Ottawa Terrorist Shooting at the Canadian Parliament House

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Shots were fired inside the Parliament House this morning and a solider has been wounded after being shot in front of the war memorial a short distance from Parliament Hill.

The Prime Minister of Canada was quickly ushered away from where the action was taking place and one shooter is dead after a shoot-out involving police and guards inside the building.

The centre of town is currently locked down as police suspect there are multiple gunmen.

Shots have been confirmed at the city mall (which is in close proximity to parliament and the war memorial) and people have been evacuated.

Police are currently sweeping through the city trying to work out whether they are dealing with multiple threats and are continuing to evacuate the public.

Three patients have been confirmed as injured but in a stable condition in Hospital.

The gunman strolled into the building at around 9:50am, their time, past guards and brandished a gun before firing multiple times.

Police are urging people to stay away from doors and windows if you are in the town centre of Ottawa.

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***Update: The solider shot earlier has now died

Jamie Kennedy | News Cult