The 15 Most Unrealistic Aspects of Sex and the City

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To be clear, Sex and the City is one of my all-time-favorite television shows. I’d say it was one of my larger influences in both moving to Manhattan and pursuing writing.

There are a couple of things that make Sex and the City successful—the wardrobe department is bananas, the setting is exciting, the relationships are both sentimental and dramatic, and women love watching other women with seemingly more interesting lives than their own.

So we’ve gathered that the plot is riveting and the characters are loveable but I have to call bullshit on certain elements of the show. I’d hate to shatter the hearts of self-proclaimed Carrie’s, Miranda’s, Samantha’s, and Charlotte’s everywhere—but this program just ain’t real life.

  1. Writers don’t make that kind of cash

Carrie admits that her column is run next to advertisements for penile implants yet she’s living on Park Avenue rocking Manalo Blahnicks and Jimmy Choos—something just isn’t adding up.

  1. Big

Mr. Big is romanticized as this knight-in-shining armor but in actuality he’s a commitment-phobe, cheater, and all around douche for 99.7% of the series.

  1. Miranda’s Pregnancy

I understand that medical miracles do occur but the likelihood of Miranda (who admittedly has a ‘bum ovary’) and Steve who has one testicle producing a child is nearly impossible.

  1. Samantha and Smith Jerrod

Samantha is a cougar to be sure but her relationship with Smith always seemed a bit ‘too-good-to-be-true.’ They had both a professional and romantic relationship with very few hiccups. When they finally did call it quits it was completely amicable and mature. In real life a romantic manager-client relationship ending would be a lot more dramatic.

  1. Making Plans

I cannot tell you how many times Carrie makes plans with people on the phone and never discusses where they’re meeting. She’ll call a guy and say ‘drinks at 7:00 o’clock’, the guy will say ‘sure’ and they’ll both hang up. Where the fuck are you meeting this guy, Carrie? It’s a big island with a lot of places to consume alcohol.

  1. Travel

In ‘Sex and the City land’ it takes 5-minutes to get anywhere in Manhattan. Granted these women only really take cabs (which is also another completely unrealistic way of living in New York).

  1. The Wedding Fiasco

In the first movie after Big leaves Carrie and she throws her bouquet in his face on the street, the two of them go months without speaking before reuniting in their ‘heaven-on-fifth’ apartment. Are you telling me that two people can reconcile all differences in a matter of 30 seconds? That’s a world I want to live in.

  1. Sex

Is it really possible for women with such time-consuming careers to have that much sex? Samantha being the most promiscuous of all runs her own damn PR firm. Don’t you have responsibilities?

  1. Magda

Having been a nanny myself, I don’t think any self-respecting woman would put up with the kind of shit Miranda put Magda through. Magda wasn’t even really Miranda’s nanny—she was more like her life coach.

  1. Other Boroughs

These women will travel to California and Paris but they act like Brooklyn is Siberia. I can only recollect 3 instances of the ladies traveling to the other boroughs of New York City and one of those times it was Staten Island—not exactly a desirable destination.

  1. STDs

Miranda got Chlamydia once and Charlotte got crabs (do people even get crabs?). Based on the number of one night stands and sexual partners these women have I’d venture to guess the risk of STDs is much higher.

  1. Family

These women literally never discuss their families. We meet Charlotte’s brother in one episode as well as Miranda’s sister but that’s about it. Do they have parents? Did they grow up outside of Manhattan? What were their childhoods like? The world may never know.

  1. Smoking

Carrie stops smoking in a matter of 2 episodes and then casually picks it up again when she goes to Paris. Aren’t cigarettes super addictive? Why is it so easy for Ms. Bradshaw to quit while the rest of smokers suffer at the thought?

  1. Natasha

Poor Natasha gets the short end of the stick so many times in this series that it’s a wonder how she didn’t end up in a psychiatric facility. There’s virtually no sympathy for her character whatsoever. We feel sorry for Carrie so often that we fail to realize that she stole someone’s husband with very little remorse.

  1. Carrie’s Body

For someone who eats pastries and McDonald’s on the regular it’s questionable as to how her body remains so immaculate. We never see her work out (maybe once or twice but she usually just complains and smokes cigarettes the whole time). It seems Carrie Bradshaw has the fastest metabolism in the history of metabolisms.

Melissa Copelton | News Cult