Sleepy Hollow “The Weeping Lady” Review

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In the first of three special Halloween-themed episodes, the town of Sleepy Hollow is haunted by a force never to be reckoned with: a woman scorned. In attempts to thwart Catrina’s powers while captive, Henry resurrects a lost soul from Ichabod’s past. Mixing folklore and Ichabod’s own love story, Henry brings to life The Weeping Lady.

Legend has it the woman discovered a lover’s betrayal. Dismayed she drowned herself and her soul wandered aimlessly unable to leave her watery tomb. In Ichabod’s case the spirit is a woman, Mary Wells, he was to marry before meeting Catrina. Back from the dead, she seeks to destroy any woman showing Crane the slightest affection.

The first victim is colonial enthusiast Caroline, whose own advances are turned away once Ichabod reveals he is a married man. Next she attempts to drown Abbie. Appearing in an aquatic aura, she snatches her prey through a portal transporting them to the bottom of Blackbank River. Mills almost succumbs but is rescued by tomb raider Nick Hawley. Witnessing firsthand the forces of evil their dealing with, Hawley extends an olive branch in providing Crane and Mills an ancient weapon.

With Abbie still living, Crane surmises the spirit will come for Catrina next. Sure enough the Weeping Lady attacks Catrina. A final showdown is fought along the riverside. Wells’ soul is set free and a truth about her death is revealed. This secret puts doubt in Crane’s trust for Catrina.

While the episode was light in narrative such as last week’s, it did hint at a return to form as Moloch made an appearance chastising Henry for the death of Caroline. Moloch reminds him he is but a soldier who must obey. This leaves Henry visibly shaken.

Lorin Williams | News Cult