Gotham Review: “Viper”

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Last night’s episode found Gotham fighting a debilitating drug originating from Wayne Industries. This raises questions surrounding the billion dollar institution and the Wayne’s good name. Meanwhile alliances are drawn as new blood is groomed for mob supremacy.

Gordon and Bullock are dumbstruck when a new drug named “viper” infiltrates the streets. The hallucinogen affects one’s DNA, enhancing the consumer’s strength. Unfortunately a fatal side effect renders the victim’s bones extremely brittle as their insides crumble to dust. Its first victim removes a drug store ATM with his bare hands only to have it crush his body like an accordion.

Initial queries point to the pharmaceutical company WellZyn, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. This correlation spurs Bruce’s attention whose growing curiosity of how Gotham works is seeking answers. He questions the Wayne Enterprises board of directors on red flags with the Arkham project. Exactly how Falcone and Maroni received property without any trouble.

Speaking of the powering mob bosses, two plans to end Falcone’s reign began. Maroni plans a heist on Falcone’s casino. With the help of Penguin, the hit is a success and earns Cobblepot a badge of loyalty within Maroni’s camp. Meanwhile Mooney forges a secret alliance with Nicolay behind Falcone’s back. She also unleashes her secret weapon, a lilac-voiced Lolita who reminds Falcone of his mother.

A lead finally breaks in the viper case, revealing an alleged conspiracy of epic proportions. WellZyn developed the drug viper as an aid in combat, but it ultimately failed because of the side effects. A second batch was in production until Stan, the biochemist sought an end to the drug. The Waynes were instrumental in the initial shutdown. With their deaths a second trial began with the drug being called “Venom.” Stan sought revenge upon the elitists who masked this atrocity with their acts of philanthropy.

The narrative gains momentum each episode as grey between good and evil blurs ever so quickly.

Lorin Williams | News Cult