FKA Twigs Releases New Video Using Google Glass [VIDEO]


In five years from now we’ll look back on 2014 and go, remember when FKA Twigs tried to make Google Glass look cool? Although perhaps “try” isn’t the right word, since she did wear them as well as anyone possibly could. Unfortunately, most of us are still waiting for the device’s next make-over, while others still teem with concerns over their privacy. Then there are the select few who are unhealthily addicted.

Not Twigs. In a newly released Youtube video ‘#throughglass,’ the British newcomer incorporates the accessory as she dances around to a re-scored version of her songs ‘Video Girl’ and “Glass & Patron’ from her debut album LP1, using the device to scroll through the menu screen and play music. Around her are lookalikes at times dancing with ribbons, while the artist herself is possessed by her emotions, presumably caused by what she sees (even when her eyes are closed, turquoise eyes are painted onto her eyelids). It’s hard to tell if FKA Twigs (“formerly known as Twigs” for those who were wondering) is simply allowing for some product placement, as the device isn’t as integrated into the video as it could be, or if she is encouraging, if not embracing, the use of wearable technology.

Let’s just hope one day the glasses look and perform as well as FKA Twigs.

Zachery Bridgeman | News Cult