Banksy’s Arrest in London Proves to be Hoax

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Let’s all calm down. Nobody has caught Banksy, nor has his actually name (or face) been revealed. Satire news website National Report made headlines this morning when they reported that graffiti artist Banksy had been arrested in London, revealing his identity in the process.

And guess what? They fooled everyone in the process. Yet again.

The revealed identity of Banksy is suspicious as well, as the name “Paul Horner” is the name given to a Facebook spokesperson who claimed the site will soon be charging users $2.99/month. Just another hoax.

The most obvious giveaway? The fact that the story claimed that BBC confirmed Banksy “capture”. Or the fact that the same exact story circled around the Internet last year.

Long story short … Banksy will never get caught. He’s just that good.

Gayana Sark | News Cult