The Walking Dead Episode 2 Review: “Strangers”

Image via AMC Television

Image via AMC Television

AMC’s The Walking Dead continued last night with an excellent follow-up episode. Having escaped Terminus, there is nothing for our group to do but scavenge and scrape and survive. It is interrupted, however, by cries of help from a priest who in turn leads them back to the church he’s held up in.

But in this world, not even men of the cloth are above suspicion—suspicions heightened by a carving on the outside of the church that reads, “You’ll burn for this.”

Momentarily comforted by the walls of the church, the group has something of a banquet, during which Rick agrees for the group to move along with Sgt. Ford and his group to Washington, to aid them in their quest to create a pathogen that would wipe out the “walkers” and in essence “wake up” from this nightmare of a world.

While the group is enjoying some semblance of reprieve from the outside world, Daryl and Carol are packing up a car for Carol’s apparent flight. But from the roadside, they see a car drive by bearing a crucifix on its back: the very car Daryl saw at the end of season 4 that may lead them to the whereabouts of Beth, and they take off after it.

Also separated from the group is Bob, whom we find outside the church, crying, after giving Sasha “one more” kiss. He’s then struck on the head and reacquainted with our old friend from Terminus, Gareth.

Bob wakes up to the cannibalistic leader of the Terminus group eating, and realizes that they’ve already severed his leg for their own grisly uses.

The events of “Strangers” reinforces the prophetic words, “You are never safe.” This bit of post-apocalyptic fatherly advice from Rick to his son Carl reminds us that while our survivors may encounter glimmers of refuge, they can never ever have their guard down. And we’re all set for episode 3.

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