Rising Death Toll In Himalayan Avalanches

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The massive avalanche that rocked the Himalayas this past Wednesday has officially taken 32 lives. Another 65 hikers are also still believed to be missing along the popular Annapurna trail, where the avalanche specifically hit. Despite this grim body count, Nepalese authorities are pressing on.

An intense search by the Nepalese Armed forces is underway, where any and all hikers injured or impeded on the mountains are being airlifted to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu for immediate medical attention. Hopeful climbers looking to trek the mountain pass this weekend are also being directed away from the area as it is now zoned off.

Recently, New Zealand native Lisa Walton and her British partner Lizi Hammer were discovered to be okay. Close ones of the two have expressed love and thanks for the rescue team’s efforts. Given the international appeal of Everest and the Himalayas, a majority of those still trapped by the avalanche are foreign trekkers.

For the Himalayas, the fall climbing season has taken a deadly turn. Brought on by a wild snowstorm out of season this avalanche is a signature to how dangerous the range is. In the days ahead, the total mortalities are expected to mount.

[via The Independent]

Christian Westermann | News Cult