Riot Cops Descend on Pumpkin Fest With Mace and Rubber Bullets

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A dozen were arrested and at least 30 were injured, 20 of which were hospitalized, at a college party that was broken up by riot cops at Keene State College in Southern New Hampshire.

When the massive crowd gathering outdoors got too rowdy at the annual pumpkin festival event thrown off-campus, with glass bottles, rocks, and even pumpkins being tossed around, quickly, the seemingly-quaint sounding festivities descended into drunken chaos.

The city, which already boasted four times the typical amount of first responders already on the scene before the pandemonium began, called for reinforcements, including the Keene Police and the Nashua Police force, who activated their Special Response team- whose response was to launch tear gas into the crowd of students.

Armed with their tear gas, mace, and even rubber bullets, Kenne Fire Chief Mark Howard even admitted in response to the police aggression, that it was “well beyond a normal response” but that the officials are looking out of the safety of the community.

Despite the police omnipresence, raucous parties blazed on around the city; property damage, injuries, and disruptive behavior involving the Keene State community was reported.

This event is reminiscent of University of Massachusetts’ 2014 Blarney Blowout, an off-campus party that ended with 55 students arrested and many more simply stunned, when police descended on partiers, even those with nonviolent body language, using pepper spray and nonlethal bullets to disperse the area. Student protests in response to police aggression ensued, frustrated with their school’s hasty and harsh police involvement, as well as the collective aggression from law enforcement towards young people around the country.

Constance Lowe | News Cult