A Giant Comet Passed Mars Last Night, For the First Time in 1 Million Years

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This historic event happened on October 19 and was documented by more than a dozen spacecraft, including Mars orbiters. This Sunday, a comet passed by the atmosphere surrounding Mars, a once in a million year occurrence.

The comet is called Siding Spring and was named for the Australian observatory that first detected it in early 2013. Yesterday, the comet they have been tracking finally swept past Mars. Siding Spring came closest to Mars at 2:27 pm EDTon Sunday.

The comet flew by 125,000 mph by Mars at less than a third the distance between the Earth and the Moon, just under 90,000 miles. No comet has ever come anywhere near that close to Earth in recorded history. No reason to panic though, we’re all good.

Watch the live stream of Siding Spring passing by Mars here.

[via CNET]

Roger Vasquez | News Cult