TGIT: ‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 4 Review

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Scandal hit a zenith as a pivotal plot from last season took front and center. The first daughter seeks Pope and Associates after she’s caught in a compromising position. And the cat and mouse game between Rowan and Jake burst into an onslaught.

Olivia Pope is summoned in the middle of the night to a party in D.C.’s college nightlife. Once there she and Quinn whisk first daughter Karen out the window. The drunk and pants-less celebrity just finished scoring a double homerun with two strangers. To make matters worse, the acts were recorded. Olivia is set to retrieve said footage, but not before the costars parents want a check for it.

Karen’s outlandish behavior awakens Mellie from her stupor as she sees Fitz’s mistress aiding their daughter. Fitz blames Mellie’s selfish grieving as to why Karen is rebelling. She in turns retorts how Karen’s behavior mimics her father’s. The situation also reunites Fitz with Olivia. He hasn’t forgotten where they left off, and wants to start again, but is dejected once he discovers Olivia ran away with Jake.

Speaking of Jake, he’s plotting to outwit Rowan once and for all. After barely escaping a car bomb Jake seeks aid from Secret Serviceman and Rowan right-hand, Tom. They both know the dangers of crossing Rowan, but they both believe it can be done. That is until Fitz is made of Tom’s whereabouts days before his son’s murder.

In an epic twist, President Grant has Tom questioned by none other than B6-13 presiding official Rowan Pope. Rowan drills Tom about being at Fort Dietrich in close proximity of the toxin that killed young Grant, and forces him to confess who he took his orders from. Tom buckles and says Jake Ballard. Jake and Tom face charges of murdering the first son.

Lorin Williams | News Cult