TGIT: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Review

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This week’s HTGAWM finally answered some deep-seeded questions. As Annalise takes steps into building Rebecca’s case, viewers at home are slowly lead to piece together the demise of Sam Keating.

The episode took a vantage point on Connor as it did with Michaela last week. The flash forward focused on his deranged behavior as the pressure of whatever occurred mounts. While his exterior seems strong, Connor is silently breaking down. It also detailed why Asher isn’t with our four protagonists as they’re moving the body. He’s heard banging on the door demanding the return of his coveted prize – the murder weapon.

Flashbacking to the case of Rebecca Sutter, Annalise and Bonnie have to reconcile the fact that their client has confessed. Unable to see the confession tape before the preliminary hearing, Rebecca’s bail is set at a whopping 1 million dollars. Wes is consequently taken off the Sutter case as Annalise blames him for the blockade.

As if these two cases weren’t enough, the students are tasked with defeating insider trading charges against an old friend of Annalise. Further investigating reveals their client was framed from within. A loyal assistant is tripped up by Connor’s persuasive maneuvers and recorded confessing to the betrayal. Facing jail time and possibly excommunication from the only family he knows, the young man commits suicide. His two accomplices are arrested within hours of interrogation.

Day of the prelim hearing Bonnie somehow produces the confessional footage. In the courtroom, Annalise proves Sutter’s confession was coerced, lowering her bail and sending her home. Wes having gained Rebecca’s trust finally unlocks Lila’s phone. Jarred at his discovery, he leaves the phone with Annalise. Annalise questions Sam, “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone.” Sam’s relationship with Lila was more than just professor and student.

Lorin Williams | News Cult