Philippine Terrorist Group Releases Two German Hostages

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The islamic extremist group Abu Sayaff, operating out of the Philippines, returned German hostages Stefan Okonek and Henrite Dielen to their families and representatives of Germany to the tune of a $5.6 (€4.37m) ransom this Friday on Jolo Island. Intercepted by Abu Sayaff kidnappers during a casual yacht trip from the Philippines to Malaysia, Okonek and Dielen were held hostage for a number of days. Through intense negotiation, they’re release was luckily brokered.

Things looked dim for Okonek and Dielen this afternoon, when a spokesperson for Abu Sayaff threatened to behead one of the two if the ransom was not paid in-full. Given Abu Sayaff’s violent history with foreigners, Germany followed up with the demand. Before letting the German hostages go however, Abu Sayaff asked Germany to withdraw its support for the US led coalition against ISIS.

Germany did not agree to this condition. Abu Sayaff  has been tormenting the Philippines archipelago since the 90’s, targeting tourists and raking in large amounts of cash in doing so. Listed as a “foreign terrorist organization” by the United States, Abu Sayaff wants to create a separate state in the Philippines strictly for muslims.

[via BBC]

Christian Westermann | News Cult