US Airstrikes Give Kurds a Fighting Chance Against ISIS in Kobani

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In wake of the recent airstrikes, local forces who have been resisting the advance of ISIS for over a month found much needed relief in the assistance provided by the US. The Kurds, who have been struggling to hold their ground against unfavourable odds, managed to reclaim a significant percentage of the town, reducing ISIS occupancy from 50 to 30 percent. The Pentagon announced that the 39 strikes, executed in just 48 hours, killed “several hundred” militants, giving the Kurds an ideal opportunity to launch a counter-attack.

“We have seized back quite some territory yesterday,” a Kurdish commander told Reuters early on Thursday morning, giving her name as Dicle.

Although this comes as welcome news to the resistance forces, there is a plausible fear that the Islamic State militants are merely waiting for the airstrikes to cease before they resume their attacks. As Fox News reports from just across the border in Turkey, there were only pockets of daylight fighting this morning, with battlefront reports annoucing that the terrorists have been pushed back by their aerial assault. This makes it seem very possible that a counter-attack is looming.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have calculated an estimate of 650 casualties as a result of fighting in the town, which includes civilians that were forced to flee to Kobani from villages seized by ISIS in the region. Refugees have told of witnessing their villages burning and their neighbors’ beheadings.

Rami Abdul Rahman, the director of the organisation, revealed to APF that the militants have suffered 374 casualties, compared to 268 deaths on the Kurdish side.

Farhad Shami, a Kurdish activist in Kobami said that the opposition ‘Underestimate the power of determination’, and that ‘The Kurds have a cause and are prepared to die fighting for it.’

A senior commander of the Kurdish militia, told Fox News last month that he feared time was running short:

“We will fight till every last drop of blood, but if help does not arrive soon, disaster is at hand.” He said.

Hopefully, the intervention from the US is the help that the Kurdish needed to rally and reclaim Kobani from ISIS.

[via Fox News]

Matthew Tomlin | News Cult