Top 10 Relationship Killers

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For most people the easiest part of a relationship is the beginning. The excitement of getting to know someone and spending an abundant amount of time with them is a very fulfilling feeling. It isn’t until the middle of the relationship when they begin to realize that building the relationship may have been simple, but maintaining it would be a task.
As time goes on you begin to learn that things don’t get easier, they began to get more testing. Each couple has and will go through their ups and downs. Each will have their fair share of problems, some of which can be worked out, while others could be the downfall of the relationship.
Although all negative relationship killers can’t be listed, there are a couple that could be bought everyone’s attention. Here are the top 10 relationship killers.
1. Lack of trust:
Trust is a major key in all relationships. If you don’t trust the person who you’re supposed to be with then why are you still there? Lack of trust is the cause of many problems in relationships that will be the cause of the relationship ending.
2. Lack of communication:
Communication is another major key in all relationships. Without communication, both physically and verbally, all other relationship foundations can not and will not be built. If you feel you can no longer talk to your mate. You feel the communication between you two has ceased and you no longer have the urge to speak to them or if you find yourself speaking at each other and not to each other then your relationship is coming to an end.
3. Obsessive jealousy:
Sometimes a little jealousy in a relationship can be a healthy thing. It keeps you on your toes, keeps the fire in the relationship and shows your mate that you truly don’t want to lose them. Extreme jealousy is caused by insecurities and lack of trust. If you feel the need to go through phones, computers, social sites, emails and question your mate about every person they have a conversation with you just need to be single. Being overly jealous, even partially possessive, will kill all tides and bonds.
4. Smothering:
Sometimes distance is a good thing for a relationship. If you’re constantly under your mate, nagging them for more time together even though you’re always together, you don’t give them a chance to breath or allow them some “me” time, you’ll eventually turn them off and they’ll leave you.
5. Technology/social media:
Being physically cheated on is extremely heartbreaking, but being technologically cheated on is just as bad. Paying more attention to your devices and social media than you do to your mate indirectly says to them that they are boring. If you would rather be entertained by those items, and not the person you’re with, they’ll eventually give you what you want. They’ll leave you, your devices and your social media friends all alone to entertain each other.
6. Lack of commitment (cheating):
This is the ultimate relationship killer. The majority of couple separations have resulted from lack of commitment (cheating). Even if they decide to try to work things out so many elements have been damaged that the relationship probably would not last. The biggest element broken by cheating is TRUST. Once that is tampered with or completely gone your relationship will crumble.
7. Two is company, more is a problem:
Most times your relationship isn’t ruined by you and your mate, it could be ruined by outside parties. Family, friends, ex’s or even people who are currently trying to pursue you are all factors to killing a relationship. If you, or both you and your mate, can’t set boundaries for your family/friends or nip things in the bud with ex’s/current admirers your relationship could be headed for disaster.
8. Pride:
Never lose the one you love or care most about over your pride. When you’re in a relationship you have to learn that you’ve traded in your “I” for an “us”. It’s not just about you anymore, now you have another person to consider. Don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry”, don’t be afraid to say you need help, don’t be afraid to allow your mate to be there for you as they should. If you don’t learn how to separate your pride from your relationship you won’t be in a relationship for long.
9. Opposites don’t always attract:
In most cases opposites can attract, but this is not true in all cases. Sometimes two people may have too many differences to find a common ground. They may think by entering into a relationship they may be able to make themselves accept/tolerate their mates differences or even take an interest in them. This is not always a success which can cause debates, arguments, tension and regret in a relationship.
10. Your past:
You should never carry old baggage from your past relationship into your present relationship. By doing so you are putting yourself at risk of pushing your new mate away and ending up alone. Learn to forgive those in your past who have hurt you or done you wrong. You are not forgiving them for their sanity, but for your own sanity.
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