The Things in Life that Just Cannot Be Rushed

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From something small and trivial to a life-changing situation, there are certain areas of life that just need to be taken slowly. Some things can’t be forced or rushed to go quicker; they need patience and progress and a good deal of waiting. Knowing what these things are can make a huge difference in the ultimate outcome, or sometimes even determine the ultimate outcome. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

A nice home cooked meal

If you really want to go all the way through with an actual homemade meal, you can’t rush it. Of course, it’s a lot easier to buy out of the bottle or box and there’s nothing wrong with that—that’s when it’s OK to move fast with it. But if you really want all components of your meal to be truly homemade, it is going to take awhile. The gravy needs to be stirred at a certain speed, the beef needs to stay in the oven a certain amount of time, and the mashed potatoes need to be baked first. Trying to go extra fast or cutting corners in any part of this will definitely have a negative effect on the taste, and that would be devastating. A home cooked meal simply cannot be rushed.

Getting into a relationship

We’ve all been at that point where we feel so lonely that we just want a significant other so badly it starts to not really matter as much who this significant other actually is. It sucks to feel that lonesome, and that desire is obviously understandable, but regardless you just cannot rush into a relationship because you want a relationship. Sometimes partnerships happen quickly and it just feels right, that’s true, but other times people force it so they don’t have to be alone anymore. That is when it becomes a problem. Rushing a relationship will only end up hurting in the long run; the other person usually turns out to be not exactly who you thought he/she was.  It’s better to just be patience and wait until it happens naturally, although this alternative can feel pretty crappy sometimes. It’s worth it.

Reading a good book

Who cares how fast you read or how quickly you finish a book? Everyone has different reading paces and it has absolutely nothing to do with how intelligent that person is. If you try to rush through a book just to finish it faster, you end up missing details that can be pivotal to the book’s meaning or story. Even if it takes you a month to finish a chapter, it doesn’t matter. One should never rush the process of reading a good book.

Starting a Family

Most of us want to have children, whether it is right now or somewhere down the line. There comes a time, for women particularly, when that desire gets incredibly strong. You see a baby on a movie, or in the street, and s/he is just so cute you can’t imagine not having one of your own. But this is something that cannot be rushed-it’s really better to wait until you have the money, the time, the attention, and the ability to have kids. It’s more fair to both you and your future children if you wait until you are fully and completely ready.

Growing Up

Calm down, you will get there. You don’t need to have your whole life planned out and your 401k set up immediately. It will happen slowly and surely, if you put your best foot forward and work as hard as you can, little by little every single day. Yes, I know, Meryl Streep probably accomplished (seemingly) a lot more by the time she was your age, but she’s Meryl Streep and you are you. You have a different timeline. Rushing your life won’t help anything in the long run.

Kaitlyn Seabury | News Cult