Nothin’ on the News but the Blues: Why Mainstream Media Sucks

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As viewers, readers and consumers we have to be careful of what we buy because the mainstream media will sell us anything. It’s called ‘the news’ but the way the media presents bias stories is ages old. Media bias is common and unregulated. Presenting distorted images of the world to insight fear in all of us is a daily practice of the mainstream media. Like Kanye said, “ain’t nothin’ on the news but the blues.” I suggest you monitor your intake and what you’re willing to accept as truth.

“Nearly a third of U.S. adults, 31%, have stopped turning to a news outlet because it no longer provided them with the news they were accustomed to getting,” this year’s State of the News Media report from Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism states.

Media is by default granted leadership and leadership is naturally a form of control. The media controls us through mixed messages, suggestive charts and tainted images. The truth is on the loose, but should you choose to sort though all of the slush facts are attainable.

This lack of dependability and the lack of trust in mainstream media is pushing many seekers towards bandit styles of reporting. Sources like Anonymous, The Anti Media and Wikinews provide no filter; which is refreshing in the midst corporate agendas distorting mainstream sources. These sources provide dynamic points of view. It is a privilege to be able to seek our own knowledge and understanding. The key is never depending on the same sources for information. That source will only provide you with what they feel is relevant, what they deem valuable or what caters to their agenda. Seek your own knowledge!

Mainstream media serves its purpose. We know more than we would without it. However, we are blessed with the benefit of options. Seek your own truths!

Jheri Hardaway | News Cult