Navarro College in Texas Rejects African Students Over Fear of Ebola

The Washing Post reports, Navarro College sent numerous international applicants a rejection letter stating: ” Navarro College is not accepting international students from countries with confirmed Ebola cases.” Although the thought process behind the decision may be somewhat justified, some students didn’t take the statement lightly.

Navarro College issued an apology on Tuesday for what it’s calling “incorrect information.” The letter recipients are from Nigeria, a country that hasn’t had a new Ebola case in more than 21 days. Navarro, a two-year public college in Corsicana, is about 60 miles from Dallas, where two health-care workers have been diagnosed with Ebola, with the most recent case diagnosed as late as Wednesday morning.

Idris Bello, a Nigerian-American who now lives in Texas, posted Navarro College’s rejection letter to Twitter earlier this week.

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A statement later release by Navarro College read as follows:

“Our college values its diverse population of international students. This fall we have almost 100 students from Africa. Unfortunately, some students received incorrect information regarding their applications to the institution. Our focus for 2014-15 is on China and Indonesia…We apologize for any misinformation that may have been shared with students.”

Essentially they blamed the “misinformation” of the college’s efforts to recruit students from different and diverse parts of the world. We don’t now about you guys, but we’re not buying it.

[via The Washington Post]

Monica Adams | News Cult