Mexican Teachers Burn Down Capitol to Protest Student Abductions and Corrupt Cops


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A student protest in support of teachers’ rights in Iguala, Mexico has ignited the ruthlessness of the culpable cops, throwing this rural community into chaos. During the rally, six students were fatally shot by police and dozens more armed when officers opened fire on a bus transporting student demonstrators. Since the event, 43 local college students believed to be connected with the protests had disappeared without a trace. Weeks ago, mass graves were discovered, and 20 charred bodies believed to be the remains of some of the students were identified. The local police are not only passive to these horrifically violent escapades, but in fact, believed to be the perpetrators. It is widely known that powerful drug cartel, the Guerreros Unidos, has law enforcement, as well as the mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Albarca, in their back pockets.

On October 13, residents of the southern-Mexican city city retailed. Exasperated with the corruption, oppression, and militant violence, hundreds of teachers and students congregated to set government offices ablaze, attacking the capital of Guerrero State with Molotov cocktails, sticks, and rocks.

Thusfar, 26 police officers have been arrested on suspicion of their connections to the cartel, a number of whom have confessed to their crimes. While an arrest warrants have has been issued for the mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Albarca, his wife and his security chief have gone into hiding.

This situation is only one of the innumerable horror stories depicting the criminality and sheer power of the organized crime in Mexico, and the law enforcement officials propping them up, and the citizen’s voice are clearer than ever that they have had enough.

Constance Lowe | News Cult