David McCallum, Wrongly Imprisoned Man Walks Free After 29 Years in Prison

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After an excruciating sentence totalling over a half of his current life, 45 year-old David McCallum has finally been released after an inquiry into proceedings of the case. McCallum from Brooklyn had been arrested, alongside his supposed accomplice Willie Stuckey. The pair allegedly murdered a man from Queens, whose body was dumped in a Brooklyn Park.

Even though he’d been set free after a gruelling and unjustified imprisonment, McCallum could not leave without a weight on his shoulders.

“This is a bittersweet moment because I’m walking out alone. There’s someone else who’s supposed to be walking out with me but unfortunately he’s not, and that’s Willie Stuckey. ”

Stuckey too was exenorated from the sentence, although he sadly never lived to see the day, having passed away in prison in 2001.

Both men confessed to the abduction and murder of Nathan Blenner, who was discovered in Aberdeen Park, Brooklyn with a gunshot wound to the head. Accused of murder, kidnapping, robbery and the possession of weapons, while only evidenced by two brief video confessions, McCallum and Willie Stuckey were convicted. It is now thought that these confessions were in fact fed to them by detectives.

Brooklyn District Attourney Keneth Thompson deemed the revelation a “legacy of disgrace”, which he inherited from his predecessor, Charles Hynes. The case was brought to light by the office’s new Conviction Review Unit, being one of many that are pending further investigation.

“I think the people of Brooklyn deserve better, and I think we should not have a national reputation as a place where people have been railroaded into confessing to crimes they did not commit.”

Hynes was conveniently unavaliable for a response to the outcome of the review, along with his attourney who left a call for a response unanswered.

After their conviction, both McCallum and Stuckey flatly denied the truth behind their confessions, and continued to attest to their innocence. McCallum’s own Attourney, Oscar Michelen said that his client was repeatedly denied parole, as he refused to admit to the crime:

“He told the parole board, ‘I fell for that trick once. Last time I said something to get myself out of prison, I never saw my family again,’ ” Michelen said.

Other gaping holes in the investigation included the two boy’s complete lack of driving licenses, or any driving experience at all, despite claims that they hijacked a Buick for a ride through Brooklyn.

With the clearance of the case however, not everybody has been left at peace. The family of Nathan Blenner have now been left heartbroken by the decision. Quite rightly, they wish to know the identity of the person who killed their son.

As mentioned, this is one of many cases that was eligible for a review: “There may be more,” Mr. Thompson said. “We keep getting letters and phone calls, and we’re going to look at any credible claim of wrongful convictions.”

Matthew Tomlin | News Cult