Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius Wants to be ‘Taken Out’ by Prison Gang Leader

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Oscar Pistorius’s defence team is vigorously fighting to keep him out of jail fearing the star athlete will almost certainly be a target in prison.
Recent comments, read out by Pistorius’s lawyer in court today, from notorious gang leader ‘The General’ on Pistorius being a likely target have only intensified the teams fight for house arrest.

The General who heads prison gang the ‘26s’ has been imprisoned for the past 33 years for murder. He has been described as the country’s most dangerous prisoner; some of his deeds against fellow prisoners include murder and rape.
Speaking by phone to a paper The General was quoted as saying Oscars wealth will not buy him a lavish lifestyle inside; instead he would “be taken out.”

Reeva Steenkamp’s cousin was distraught and teary eyed as she took the stand today, to say the runner should “pay for what he’s done.” Believing the apology the athlete gave in court previously was not sincere.

Kim Martin was testifying at the sentencing hearing on behalf of the Steenkamp family, on the impact Reevas’s death has had on them.
Ms Martin said although the family was not out for revenge they still believed Pistorius still needed to pay for what he has done.

If the Blade Runner does land in Jail for culpable murder he will almost certainly be judged harshly by The General, an eye for an eye?

[via Independent]

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