‘Arrow’ S3 E2: “Sara” Review

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The second episode of Arrow is weighed down by the sudden death of Sara Lance. The grieving process affects everyone differently, jilting her sister Laurel the most. Arrangements are cut short however when a mysterious archer arrives.

A masked assassin racking up kills leads Oliver and Laurel to believe he’s responsible for Sara’s murder. A drier search lists Simon Lecroix aka Komodo as the assailant. He and Oliver’s first showdown, a motor-crossed battle of arrows, leaves Oliver wounded and reeling. As he fails, Laurel takes upon herself to act.

As an officer of the district attorney’s office, Laurel pulls strings to vehemently question a survivor of Komodo’s aim. She gets him to spill how he was connected to the other two victims. Illegal activity involving the oil company Ameritek is all she’s warranted, as Komodo finishes the job.

Staying one step ahead, research reveals his next target – a board member of Ameritek appearing at Ray Palmer’s donation gala. As Palmer schmoozes for funds as the new owner of Queen Consolidated, Komodo abruptly interrupts. Roy and Oliver tag team the skilled killer, eventually pinning him down for questioning. Laurel arrives with gun in hand, ready to avenge Sara’s murder. But Komodo denies even being in Starling City when Sara was killed. Oliver believes him, leaving the identity of Sara’s killer unknown.

The team decides to quietly bury Sara in her first grave, keeping her death a secret amongst them. Laurel’s attempts to tell her father fail, fearing the news would further damage his already fragile heart. And Oliver’s only other living relative, sister Thea, is still absent altogether. Feeling guilty and vulnerable, his next goal is to find Thea and bring her home. This task is previewed to be easier said than done.

Lorin Williams | News Cult