‘AHS: FreakShow’ Ep 2 Review: “Massacres and Matinees”

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AHS: Freak Show proceeded with another 90 minutes last night. Our nontraditional family expanded, and loss, as Michael Chiklis’ Dell Toledo and Angela Bassett’s Desriee Dupree arrived. The episode also further fleshed out the deranged mind of Dandy Mott.

With Jupiter on alert by four murders and two missing persons, authorities’ aimed at the circus. Jimmy comes clean about the dead officer and reassures Elsa he was protecting the family. His deed ultimately has unforeseen and fatal consequences.

Amidst this issue the wind blows in Dell and Desriee. Dell is a Strongman exuding outrageous strength and a shorter temper. He also has a sorted history with Jimmy’s mother, Ethel. Desiree is his hermaphrodite wife with three breasts. Elsa welcomes them as a business investment, but soon regrets her decision.

Away from the Closet of Curiosity, Dandy Mott’s freak flag is raised full mast. A self-harming sociopath with tendencies of violence, he’s enraged when denied membership to the circus. Seeking help Gloria Mott brings her boy a new toy – a clown. Dandy and Twisty abruptly hit it off as Dandy becomes his apprentice. The two joyously debunk Twisty’s prisoners’ escape foreshadowing a ungodly friendship.

Tensions at the circus peak after a failed diner sit-in pit Dell against Jimmy. Dell’s idea spotlighting the twins over Elsa makes matters worse. Elsa and Jimmy devise a plan to rid of their new guest. The police return with a warrant to search the premises and find the dead officer’s badge. Unfortunately, it’s not where Jimmy left it. Planting the evidence in Dell’s trailer, the plan backfires as Dell in turn places the badge on adolescent bird boy Meep. Once carted to jail, Meep becomes the circus’ first casualty, blood on Jimmy Darling’s hands.

Lorin Williams | News Cult