Afroman Releases ‘Because I Got High’ Remake to Support Pot Legalization [VIDEO]

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Thirteen years after Afroman released his weed-themed novelty song “Because I Got High,” the rapper-singer has returned to remake his breakthrough single to support nationwide marijuana legalization efforts. Let’s get real, this song should probably be the anthem for marijuana legalization everywhere. The original song made a solid effort at providing the listeners with all the things the rapper does when she gets high.

This version take’s a different approach to the song providing people with the benefits of the legalization of weed. The artist gives reasons like added revenue to states such as Colorado and Washington rapping, “They built a school or two/Because I got high” “Now the state can fund drug treatment/And I know why.” Pretty spot-on, right?

The video was timed to the release of Smoke the Vote, which hopes to bring notice to the November 4th votes in which Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia will decide on the legalization of marijuana and Florida will vote on a medical marijuana amendment.

[via Rolling Stone]

Gayana Sark | News Cult