The New Diet Coke Ad Features Taylor Swift as a Crazy Cat Lady


We all knew Taylor Swift loved cats but this ad takes her feline obsession to a whole new level. In the newest Diet Coke ad, every time the pop star takes a sip, more extremely fluffy cats pop up. Even her own Olivia Benson (the cat, not the SVU character) makes an appearance, though she’s hard to spot with the insane kitty explosion. Along with a snippet of a brand new 1989 song, Taylor Swift has the best time cuddling with cats that somehow relates to Diet Coke. While I don’t know why Diet Coke thought a commercial about hallucinating a nightmarish supply of needy kittens would make us want to drink more teeth-rotting soda, it certainly gets the job done as fans have been freaking out over Taylor Swift’s endorsement, her cat’s TV debut and her newest unnamed song.

Megan Plevy | News Cult