Royals Pushed to the brink of the World Series


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Every few years in sports, something great happens. A team comes out of seemingly nowhere and makes an improbable run at a championship that they were not supposed to win. One such magical run is happening this year to the Kansas City Royals.

The Royals weren’t flashy this year, they didn’t hit a ton of home runs, they aren’t featuring any MVP or Cy Young candidates. They got this far with grit, determination and doing all the little things better than anyone else. Elite defense, a lock down bullpen, great speed on the bases and a ton of clutch hitting has carried this team to within one game of their first World Series in 29 years.

One play in particular in Tuesday night’s game stands out as a possible defining moment for this run. The wind was blowing unusually hard that night at Kauffman Stadium, the kind of wind that can make life hell for a defense by wreaking havoc on a ball hit in the air. Kansas City third baseman Mike Moustakas experienced that hell firsthand when he ran into foul territory to track down a ball hit by Adam Jones in the 6th inning. On a normal night, the ball would have sailed out of his reach and deep into the seats along the third base line. But the wind kept the ball close enough for Mike to make a choice, either let it go, or jump and go after it. He chose the latter, leaping into the air and extending for the ball. He grabbed it, but his momentum made him fall head over heels into the crowd. A moment later, he extended his arm into the air, gripping the ball, and the crowd of 40,183 exploded.

That catch looked like a microcosm of the entire Royals season to this point, not exactly pretty, but hard working, gutsy, and ultimately, triumphant.

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