Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Had a ‘Commitment Ceremony’

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They’re already one of the most gorgeous celebrity couples, and now, they’ve loved down their love for real. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have reportedly taken their relationship to the next level by holding a ‘commitment’ ceremony to prove how dedicated they are to one another. Congratulations!

The singer, 28, and her Chicago Fire boyfriend hosted the event at Joan Tratorria, a restaurant in New York owned by Gaga’s parents. A source close to the couple said, “They don’t have time to plan a wedding, so they decided they would have a small gathering to show the people they love most how committed they are to one another. It was just for her family and a few close art and designer friends.”

So, can this mean that an official wedding is on the horizon? Well, maybe, and maybe not.

Some claims say the pair plan to get married ‘properly’ next year when they have more free time. Despite always keeping her fans in the loop about her life on social media, Gaga has always managed to be tight-lipped about her relationship with Taylor.

She told Howard Stern during an interview last year: ‘The connection that I feel is so strong that it’s so much stronger than physical. We’re both very protective of our love as well. We treat each other with a lot of care and we’re good to one another.”

Well, if there will be a wedding eventually, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be the greatest thing we’ve ever seen.

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Monica Adams | News Cult