Uber Driver Allegedly Kidnaps LA Woman




On top of receiving an F grade from the Better Business Bureau earlier this week, Uber is now being accused of kidnapping a passenger in Los Angeles for a two hour car ride before returning her home. Valleywag reports that the woman was taken to an empty parking lot and locked inside the car by the driver, who allegedly didn’t return her home until she started to scream.

Of course, Uber has a different account on the matter. The company claims that the driver was in fact trying to help the passenger by calling 911 after realizing she was intoxicated. LAPD has not yet confirmed receipt of any such call, nor have they received complaint from the “kidnapped” passenger.

“Early reports on this ride are inaccurate,” Uber spokesperson Eva Behrend says. “Based on the information we have at this time, this driver called 911 to ask for assistance with an intoxicated rider who requested an extended trip. However, we have refunded the rider’s trip and reached out to the rider for additional information.” Uber is said to have also refunded the ride, leaving a note with the passenger claiming the trip an “inefficient route.”

Judging by the screenshots from Valleywag below, the trip should’ve been 20 minutes long, not two hours.

The passenger ordered the ride through Uberx, a service which allows just about anyone who owns a vehicle to become a driver. Unfortunately, UberX drivers aren’t vetted very well: while they do get a background check, there is no formal interview. Instead, they must complete some online training. This, of course, is not exactly advertised, and instead Uber adds a $1 charge to every UberX ride as a part of the “safe rides fee,” as if making it to your destination unharmed is extra work these day.

This is now the third time an Uber driver has “kidnapped” a passenger, the first being during a high speed chase in DC, and the second being when a man took an intoxicated woman to a motel and asked her to join him.

Zachery Bridgeman | News Cult