Yemen Names New Prime Minister in Attempt to End Crisis

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Yemen’s President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi has selected Khalid Bahah as his prime minister, in an effort to end a recent whirlwind of political unrest. Furthering the difficulties however is the fact that Bahah only assumed his position because Shia Houthi rebels sponsored the motion. This group is responsible for the removal of Yemen’s former government last month. Telling of his unorthodox nomination, Hadi is tasked with a lot to clean up.

Yemen is currently dealing with a hunted Al-Qaeda network, which calls the nation-state home. At the same time, a growing southern secessionist movement known as Al-Hirak is contesting the government’s authority to govern. This popular uprising has been ongoing since 2009 and threatens the statehood of Yemen. Lastly there are the Houthis, who have exerted their influence over Yemen since sacking the capital Sanaa back in September. They continue to ask for greater autonomy to be given to their province of Saada. Failure by Bahah to maintain Houthi complacency, will again directly affect Yemen’s stability.

Previously the country’s ambassador to Canada, Hadi hails from Hadramout in Eastern Yemen. For education, Hadi pursued a study of business/administration in Yemen and India. After serving as Yemen’s oil minister, Hadi went on to represent his country as a member of its envoy to the UN. His political experience will be put to the test as Yemen’s new prime minister.

Christian Westermann | News Cult