The Things Girls Need to Stop Saying to Each Other

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If you’re like me, you’re around girls the majority of the time. If you’re also like me, you happen to be a girl, as well. If not, then you still are probably pretty familiar with the way girls speak to one another. We have certain jokes we make to each other, particular ways of teasing, and of course, our own little ways of giving advice. For the most part, we are great to be around, but there are some things that we as females say to one another that we definitely should stop saying. Like, immediately.

Are you really going to eat that?

Um, ok, I understand most girls have diet plans that they like to stick to and live by. That is absolutely fine. It becomes a little un-fine, though, when these girls try to push this diet plan on one another. Ladies-don’t question what your girlfriends are eating just because you wouldn’t eat it. Don’t make them feel badly about it. You aren’t their mother nor are you their nutritionist. Let them eat the pizza and you just bask in the guilt-free glory of eating a salad.

You need to go shopping

I’ve heard this said so many times by girls to other girls and it’s just ridiculous. Yeah, maybe this particular person does need to go shopping, perhaps her shoes have holes in them and her sweater is torn. But you have no idea what her bank account looks like, or what her budget is, or how many other things she probably needs to pay for before she spends her money on new clothing. Think about that a little bit first. If you still think that there’s no excuse and she needs to at least hit the sales racks, just keep it to yourself.

Stop talking about your boyfriend

Honestly, if you find it irritating or slightly nauseating how much a girl talks about her significant other, then just don’t have conversations with her. If she has even a modicum of intelligence or self-perception, she will get the hint and try to tone it down a bit so she doesn’t lose all her friends. Don’t tell her to stop or complain that she talks about him too much. That just comes across as bitter and resentful and kind of more annoying than the sappy talk.

You should work out

No matter where you’re coming from with this, it sounds mean no matter what. All you’re doing is most likely making someone feel really bad about herself by saying this, even if you mean it in the most helpful and friendly way.

You’re such a whore

Unless there is a girl who is a legitimate prostitute and you’re just stating the facts of her particular occupation, this needs to stop being said. We all throw this around so casually with one another, as females, we never seem to stop to think if maybe it’s hurting the other girl’s feelings. I hear this constantly in female conversations, just addressing how one of us acts with a guy, or our behavior at the bar the night before, or even just said in jest. It can really affect how a girl feels about themselves, though, especially if she happens to already be a little embarrassed about her behavior or insecure about herself.

Kaitlyn Seabury | News Cult