‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 4 Review

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Last night’s Sleepy Hollow ventured into more historical fantasy noir linking the Pied Piper to the Revolutionary War. In an episode which felt more like filler from season one, Ichabod and Abbie seek to destroy a deep-rooted curse.

A child goes missing and clues point to an ancient evil. After scavenging the woods for clues, a bone-made flute is found. Ichabod recants the tale of a mysterious mercenary hired to murder a troop of redcoats. In the still of night, a melodic tune lured the soldiers from their barracks. Once relieved of defenses, the mercenary struck swiftly. However, the assassin was betrayed by his employer, and in death cast a curse on the family name – Lancaster.

For centuries Lancaster children were abducted, all lured by the sounds of a flute. If a child was saved however, the curse sought to murder any remaining Lancaster children. They rescue Sara, but ultimately decide the Piper has to be executed.

In the end Abbie and Crane together defeat the Piper and assure the end of the Lancaster curse. With no Piper and no flute, they can momentarily take a breather. However, little do they know of the evil that’s about to be unleashed.

We see the return of Nick Hawley in this episode as he aids in Sara’s rescue. But the money-monger refuses to assist any further, only helping to score a price for the rare flute. He turns the now damaged artifact in for money. Unbeknownst to him the buyer of the flute is Henry.

Meanwhile Frank Irving discovers what Ichabod spoke of Henry is true. He is to not be trusted. In an attempt to end their partnership, Frank discovers he unknowingly singed his soul to Henry. A part of his diabolical plan, Frank has no other choice than to serve willingly or risk his family’s lives.

Lorin Williams | News Cult